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NEW Health Saver Plus 3

Self employed? Can’t afford your high premiums? Need affordable medical coverage? This is not another Obama Care plan. Health Saver Plus 3 can act as  stand alone coverage, or along side your existing major medical plan.

Choose from FIVE calendar year deductibles, starting at $100.  Choose ANY doctor or hospital without penalty. You have the option to take advantage of cost savings using the PPO network available at NO COST. All Health Plans also offer 24 hour Tela-Doc Service. CLICK HERE to learn more about the Health Saver Plus 3 Plan.   Please call Emily Anne Hogan 859-608-9513 for information about enrollment.

NEW Accident Plans

Great value for families. Click the Benefits Portal Tab (below) for plan details. This plan is 24/7 coverage, and will help pay for emergency room visits, hospital stays and follow-up care in the event of an accident.

NEW Health Choice Select

This is not another Obama Care plan. Are you self employed and in need of affordable medical coverage? Are you paying way to much for medical coverage, that doesn’t cover that much? Health Choice Select can be used as a stand alone health plan, or along side your existing plan. With flexible options available to make it affordable, and many valuable services to dramatically reduce your out of pocket expenses.

Please contact Emily Anne Hogan 859-608-9513 for details about enrollment in the Health Choice Select Plan. Click HERE for Health Choice Select details.

*Featured Health Choice Select and Health Saver Plus 3 plans are offered in many select states but may differ in coverage/benefits. Please request specific information for your state.*

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